Begun as a pilot in: W Glos and W Somerset The main aim of these trials was to assess the humaneness of culling using "free shooting" (previous methods trapped the badgers in cages before shooting them). Independent Expert Panel appointed to oversee the pilot and report on it. They reported that “free” shooting was not humane. The government ignored this and announced the IEP would not be used again, but that “free” shooting would continue. BVA issued a statement that they did not believe it was humane either. Again the government ignored this..


Pilot continued.


New area added, in Dorset.


Another 7 areas added. 2 in Devon, 2 in Cornwall, one in Dorset, one in Glos and one in Hereford.


Two original pilot culls finished (after 4 years). Another 11 started: 1 in Cheshire, 4 in Devon, 3 in Wiltshire, 2 in Somerset and one more in Dorset. Supplementary badger control (i.e. extended culling to keep population low) introduced in two original areas.


Proposal to allow culling in low risk areas in the event of an outbreak of bTB was consulted upon and accepted. A cull was then announced for Cumbria (LRA) in response to an outbreak there known to have originated from cattle imported from Northern Ireland! Culls were started in 10 new areas: 6 in Devon (taking total there to 12) 1 in Cornwall, 1 in Somerset, one in Gloucestershire and 1 in Staffordshire. This meant there were culls underway in autumn 2018 in 30 areas.

March against the Badger cull

West Surrey Badger Group banner and members at the Stop the Cull March on June 1st 2013

Anti-Cull March